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The Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Rhea Perlman

by Dad December 21, 2013
The Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Rhea Perlman
I’d like to begin this blog post with a warning and an apology… First off, this one is a touch on the icky side.  Do not read while eating, preparing to eat or while having sex or considering to have sex because readmore

Thank You For Playing Robin Thicke

by Dad December 3, 2013
Thank You For Playing Robin Thicke
About halfway through the second trimester, a fetus develops his or her hearing.  Kim and I made it a point to have both our boys’ names selected by this deadline.  We never wanted to address her bulging belly as “you” or “buddy” or “dude” or “little guy” or readmore

My Fivehead Bled

by Dad November 3, 2013
No one knows what it’s like for a joke to fall flat more than I do.  Well, and anyone who’s ever attempted stand-up comedy, which sadly, also includes myself.  My lone open-mic adventure happened in the late 80’s and concluded with me injuring readmore

Urine For It

by Dad October 24, 2013
“Welcome to your mid 40’s!” This is what I heard the universe shout at me when I started the process for my very first big boy physical.  I’m not just talking about the “turn your head and cough” nonsense I got readmore

The Genesis of the Junk

by Dad October 19, 2013
One of my last daddyhood posts on Facebook before I caught blog fever was regarding an incident that transpired in Ben’s Pre-K class.  Some of you might remember it… Miss Jenny was preparing the class for some arts and crafts and explained, “Okay, today were going readmore

Snot Suckers

by Dad October 11, 2013
Before having Ben, our oldest boy, I tried to get my head around all the life adjustments that accompanied parenthood.  It went without saying that I was going to get less sleep.  No worries there, just triple the caffeine and snap at readmore


by Dad October 4, 2013
Every once in awhile in the rare still of big city silence, you can tilt your ear toward the breeze and hear the distant cry of the almighty dramahawk. Saturdays and Sundays are normally my days to sleep in.  My head readmore

The Best Elbow Jab Ever

by Dad September 27, 2013
When my wife was 22, she met her future husband.  When I was 22, my future wife was 9.  Yep, while I was playing dress-up as a lip-sync DJ in South Florida, my wife was on the left coast eating a fruit roll-up readmore

The Human Armrest

by Dad September 25, 2013
This post is more about the photo than the actual story.  The above image is actually a still from a blooper of a birthday video (will post soon) we made for a dear friend in Seattle.  In this particular take, Ben decided to readmore

Car Seat Conversation

by Dad September 24, 2013
Don’t expect your toddler to master the art of segues anytime soon.  Here’s a brief transcript from a discussion Ben and I had in the car while driving home from school: BEN:  I like kitty-kats.  I don’t really like dogs readmore