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The Best Elbow Jab Ever

by Dad September 27, 2013
When my wife was 22, she met her future husband.  When I was 22, my future wife was 9.  Yep, while I was playing dress-up as a lip-sync DJ in South Florida, my wife was on the left coast eating a fruit roll-up readmore

The Human Armrest

by Dad September 25, 2013
This post is more about the photo than the actual story.  The above image is actually a still from a blooper of a birthday video (will post soon) we made for a dear friend in Seattle.  In this particular take, Ben decided to readmore

Car Seat Conversation

by Dad September 24, 2013
Don’t expect your toddler to master the art of segues anytime soon.  Here’s a brief transcript from a discussion Ben and I had in the car while driving home from school: BEN:  I like kitty-kats.  I don’t really like dogs readmore

Vanity Begins at Four

by Dad September 24, 2013
Some of these will be short and sweet like the following: Upon seeing Ben’s sunburnt face after a day-long play date away from mom and dad, my wife sighed and said, “Oh, no.  Your poor face.” Ben replied, “What the readmore

Kraken & Sprite

by Dad September 21, 2013
Everyone just relax.  My new dad blog is not called “My Bullshit Life,” because after all, that would be overtly crass and would alienate most of my readers.  BS actually stands for Ben and Sam, my two sons.  At this readmore