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Car Seat Conversation

by Dad September 24, 2013


Don’t expect your toddler to master the art of segues anytime soon.  Here’s a brief transcript from a discussion Ben and I had in the car while driving home from school:

BEN:  I like kitty-kats.  I don’t really like dogs that much.

DAD: Since when don’t you like dogs?  I thought you loved dogs.

BEN:  No, their woofs hurt my ears and they scratch me a lot.

DAD:  Cats can scratch pretty badly too.  One time, I had a cat get really mad at me and–

BEN:  Do they have flowers in Huuu-waii?

DAD:  Oh, yeah!  They have lots of flowers in Hawaii!  Really cool ones.

BEN:  If we ever go there, can we bring one home?

DAD:  Sure!  But I don’t think it would do too well on the airplane.  Maybe we can buy the seeds there and plant the flower at home.

BEN:  Yeah, it would probably close up on the airplane.  Or a bee would get to it or something.

DAD:  Yeah, it wouldn’t be very happy.

BEN:  You know what!?!?

DAD:  What?

BEN:  I bet if mom’s boobs exploded, the milk would go all the way to the moon!!!

This is pretty much every conversation with Ben; hilariously entertaining and always unpredictable.  Whenever he’s in a loquacious mood, I put away the cell phone and turn down the stereo.  I switch to “all ears” mode because I don’t want to miss any of his gems.  The one thing I try very hard not to do is be one of those “uh-huh” parents.  One day awhile back when I missed my morning coffee and was somewhere a million miles away in my mind, I made the mistake of saying “uh-huh” to him a couple times and I could literally see his motivation deflate in the rear-view mirror.  The conversation dwindled in a matter of seconds and he eventually turned his gaze to the passing cars.  I felt like a total asshole.  No Father-of-the-Year Award anytime soon for me!  From that day forward, I made it a point to never cheat him on the chit-chat.  Now when I stay engaged and give him actual dialogue, his eyes light up and his voice dances with passion.  And as Harry Wayne Casey (aka KC of KC & The Sunshine Band) once said – that’s the way uh-huh-uh-huh I like it!



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  1. Amee says:

    This is so great. I love this already. Please — more.

  2. Michelle says:

    Love this! Wish is had the ability to write like you and post these precious memories of my boys. Boys… They do start talking about boobs and lots of other gross stuff from birth almost!

  3. Gloria Carrillo says:

    I love this!

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